If you would like to make a donation equivalent to a specific item for the park, take a look through our “shopping list” below. Perhaps you might organize a group of family and/or friends to purchase a section or two of fence, or a fountain for the facility. Also, if you belong to a civic or social club, consider the purchase of one of these items as a group community service project.

We’re getting so close to being able to build this dog park, and every little bit helps, and thank you for your consideration!

Item Cost Buy Me!
116 Perimeter Fencing – 8 foot section $250.00

41 Small Dog Area Fencing – 8 foot section $250.00

1 Fencing by Main Entry Gate Area $875.00

1 Fencing by Secondary Gate Entry Area $875.00

3 Gates by the Secondary Gate Entry Area $55.00

1 Fencing at North Gate Entry Area 6×6 $500.00

2 Gates for North Gate Entry Area $55.00

2 Self-closing Hardware for North Gate Entry Area $45.00

1 Frost Free Water Fountain for Large Dog Area $4500.00

5 Dog Waste Stations $180.00

3 Rules Sign $210.00

2 Case of Dog Waste Bags $60.00

Many Donate Any Amount