Volunteers Needed

PetSafe Carbondale Community Dog Park

The Friends of Carbondale Dog Parks (FCDP) and the Carbondale Park District (CPkD) are looking for volunteers to help with day-to-day monitoring and housekeeping of the PetSafe Carbondale Community Dog Park. Some duties pair well with a volunteer’s regular visits, while other duties may be scheduled and organized as group events.

Dog Park Monitors

We are looking for regular park visitors who would be willing to approach and educate other visitors about safety rules and how to recognize inappropriate dog behaviors. Not everyone reads the rules signs, and some may not understand the purpose behind each rule. FCDP will provide training about canine behavior and engaging other park-goers. Our goal is for everyone to have an enjoyable time at the park.

Waste Patrol

It happens. We know. Sometimes those sneaky pups drop a fertilizer fritter when their owner is distracted. Some owners may know that something happened but can’t find it.  Some visitors may be unable to pick up their animal’s waste. And some visitors choose to be neglectful.  Setting the reasons aside, we are seeking waste patrol volunteers. Patrollers should be willing to spend 5-10 minutes collecting wayward waste as part of their routine visit. We also ask that patrollers monitor the waste bins inside the fields. Waste bags should always be available, and waste bins should not become overly full.

Landscape Development and Maintenance

As we strive to beautify the park, we will be looking for volunteers to help with landscape development and maintenance. This group would have more sporadic work. We expect to have scheduled group events to address planting, weeding, and cleanup activities. We may also need individuals responsible for summertime watering.

Please consider becoming a PetSafe Carbondale Community Dog Park volunteer. With a strong volunteer group, we have a greater chance of making our Park a place where everyone would look forward to bringing their dogs. It would not only be a place that dogs could get much needed exercise and socialization, but owners/guardians would be able to spend time outdoors meeting new people, forming new connections, and learning more about our community.

The FCDP board has a benefits package for our volunteers, identifying vests or tees, access to clinics, and social events limited to volunteers.

Interested? Email contact AT cdaledogparks.org

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